China Cal Patients December 2017

Little Shi is an 8-month old baby boy, with several holes between the left and right sides of his heart.  He lives in Luxi county.  His parents are poor farmers.  This baby weighed only 5 kilograms and was not growing.  His parents are farmers, earning about $3000 per year. China Cal doctors diagnosed his condition and its partners supported his surgery at West China Hospital and he was recently discharged home and is recovering.







Little Guo is a 5 years old girl from Meng La County in Xi Shuang Ban Na prefecture. Her family are farmers earning less than $1000 per year.  China Cal doctors diagnosed her with an atrial septal defect. She underwent successful surgery at Kunming Fu Wai Hospital in September.  She is home with her family.








Little Chang is a 6 year old boy from Meng Hai county in Xi Shuang Ban Na prefecture.  His family are poor minority farmers earning about $1500 per year from their farm.  China Cal doctors diagnosed her with two holes his heart. He underwent successful surgery supported by China Cal foundation partners at Yunnan Province Fu Wai hospital.  He will go home soon.










Little Li. Is a one year old boy with a patent ductus, an abnormal tube that persisted after he was born and was causing him to suffer from heart failure with breathing difficulty and frequent sweating.  His parents are poor farmers earning about $1500 per year from Ning Er county in Pu Er Prefecture.  Little Li was diagnosed by China Cal doctors and underwent surgery at  Yunnan Fu Wai hospital in early October.  He is home with his family and doing well.